Dedicated to providing customers with a clean, fresh and comfortable environment

  • Pest Control
    We apply safe and effective pesticide and advanced machinery in pest killing. All our pesticide have been registered in the HK Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department for their effectiveness, low-poisonous and environmentally friendliness.
  • Cleaning after decoration
    Our experienced cleaning staff provides cleaning after renovation or before the delivery up of vacant possession with professional detergent and delicate working process. All finished works will be checked and signed up by our site manager.
  • Marble-stone Maintenance
  • With advanced machinery and professional stone surface protecting chemicals, we provide renewing and maintenance service for all kinds of marble-stone floor/ lobby by flattening and polishing the surface of marble-stone to raise their shininess, thus bringing a brand-new feeling.
  • Water Tank Cleaning
    Our experts have met the government requirements. 1st, there will be a risk assessment report finished. 2nd, we will clean the drinking water or seawater tank to help our client in meeting the standard of the Fresh Water Plumbing Quality Maintenance Recognition Scheme Cert. of the Water Supplies Department.
  • Waste Treatment
    We have our own large-scale fleet to provide articulated refuse collection for large institutes like Sino Group. Our scope of service covers all parts of HK. Welcome customer to enquire about our route. Free quotation will also be provided.
  • Vehicle rental
    The company set up a huge fleet, large organizations such as the letter and the group to provide a full range of compressed car service throughout the nine New Territories, welcome customers to consult the various routes and provide free quotes.
  • Disinfection Service
    We apply the UK's Shield disinfectant coupled with our advanced nebulizer to carry out a complete professional sterilization and cleaning service. This disinfectant is imported from UK, which has been widely used in hospitals and hotels, can kill all kinds of bacteria in the shortest period of time.
  • Commercial Building On-site Cleaning
    With our experienced cleaning teams and advanced machinery, we contract on-site cleaning works of all kinds of commercial buildings and housing estates coupled with our strict monitor and emergency service team to provide a clean, refreshing and comfortable environment to clients.
  • Clubhouse Cleaning
    The company has a wealth of experience in the cleaning team ......
The company has experienced cleaning team and advanced equipment, with stringent regulatory and emergency support services team, is committed to providing customers with a clean, fresh and comfortable environment.